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1. Guarantor

is mme Mannheim Medizinelektronik UG, Eichelbergstr. 38, D-68163 Mannheim,, Telephone: +49 176 843 187 33. The guarantor grants a separate guarantee on all devices offered here according to the following conditions, with the exception of consumables such as adhesive electrodes, electrode cables and rechargeable batteries. The statutory warranty regulations and the claims arising from the Product Liability Act remain unaffected. Any claims of the buyer for supplementary performance and compensation for defects are also retained if the relevant requirements are met. 

2. Warranty Content

The guarantor forgives


  1. a 3-year guarantee for private use (even longer if you purchase an extended guarantee) from the date of purchase (date of the invoice) 

  2. for commercial use a guarantee of 6 months


The warranty covers material, design and manufacturing defects, provided that the defect was present at the time of delivery and the device was properly treated by the purchaser. The warranty includes either free repair, replacement of the defective part or parts, or replacement of the entire device with an equivalent device. In this respect, the guarantor has the right to choose.  


3. Guarantee case

If a malfunction/defect occurs, the guarantor must be informed immediately by telephone or in writing by email before sending in the device and the problem that has occurred must be described in detail. If the problem cannot be solved in this way, the entire device, including all accessories, must be packed securely for transport (see note under point 4) and sent to the guarantor. The package must be accompanied by the following information and documents:

  1. Surname, first name, address (also to be stated on the outside of the package)

  2. serial no. and model no.

  3. date of purchase d. Original proof of purchase

  4. meaningful error description

  5. In case of damage during transport: Name of the parcel service and the parcel number 

4. Packaging 

It is recommended to use the original box for shipping. If other packaging is used, it must be ensured that it is professionally protected against the typical dangers of shipping and has appropriate protective devices. A mere cardboard packaging with paper padding is not sufficient. The guarantor accepts no liability for damage caused by improper packaging and the guarantee is void. The guarantor provides information about the type of shipping and the resulting costs. 

5. Loss of warranty 

The warranty claim is void


  1. in the event of improper operation, handling and storage (e.g. damage caused by moisture, high temperatures)

  2. in the case of repairs, repair attempts, changes of any kind and the use of third-party spare parts, etc., which are carried out by someone other than the guarantor or companies authorized by it

  3. in the case of improper transport packaging and improper transport

  4. in the event of improper mechanical influences on the device or on parts of the device

  5. for all events that are not due to the processing and manufacture of the device, such as a fall, impact, damage, fire, earthquake, flood damage, lightning, etc.

  6. unless proof of purchase is presented

  7. for non-private use, especially for commercial use.


The costs incurred by the guarantor due to the fact that the buyer sends back goods although there is neither a warranty case nor a right to return are to be borne by the buyer.



Note on the MPG (Medical Devices Act)

Medical devices are products with a medical purpose intended by the manufacturer for use in humans. Unlike drugs that have a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effect, the intended main effect of medical devices is primarily on e.g. B. physical way. SAs far as affected/applicable, our products are medical devices and are subject to the provisions and regulations of the Medical Devices Act.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is considered a less dangerous method with few side effects. When used properly, the method is considered relatively free of side effects.

In this context, we would like to point out the following known risk groups:


TENS / EMS devices should not be used or only with the advice of your doctor or therapist:

  • in pacemaker wearers

  • in pregnant women

  • in epilepsy


TENS/EMS electrodes should not be placed directly:

  • in the head and carotid arteries

  • at the larynx

  • about metal implants

  • on wounds and malignant skin/tissue changes

  • not directly over the heart


In rather rare cases, slight skin irritations can occur, which can be related to the selected intensity of the applications or to an allergic skin reaction to the electrodes used or the electrode coating. VTherefore, if possible, only use electrodes from our delivery program. WFurther and detailed information can be found on the website of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), Bonn.

Note on the ElektroG and the WEEE Directive - ElektroG

With the passing of the ElektroG by the Bundestag on January 20th, 2005 and by the Bundesrat on February 18th, 2005, the directive 2002/96/EG (WEEE) and the directive 2002/95/EG (RoHS) for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices implemented. The requirements of the ElektroG are implemented by us and we or our partners are registered with the EAR as manufacturers:


WEEE Reg. No.: DE1234567

WEEE marking

In the course of implementing the WEEE Directive (EU Directive 2002/96/EG), we mark devices for which we are the first to market in the European Union. In addition, we only sell devices that are registered and labeled in accordance with the regulations applicable in Germany. If we are the distributors for these devices on the German market, these goods will also be marked by us.

Instructions according to the battery law


Since our shipments may contain batteries and accumulators, we are obliged under the Battery Act (BattG) to inform you of the following:

Batteries and accumulators must not be disposed of with household waste, you are legally obliged to return used batteries and accumulators. Old batteries can contain harmful substances that can damage the environment or your health if not stored or disposed of properly. Batteries also contain important raw materials such as e.g. B. iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and can be recycled. You can either send the batteries back to us after use or return them free of charge in the immediate vicinity (e.g. in stores or in municipal collection points or in our dispatch warehouse). The sale at sales outlets is limited to end users for the usual quantities and those old batteries that the distributor has or has had as new batteries in his range.

The sign with the crossed-out wheeled bin means that batteries and accumulators may not be disposed of with household waste. Under this sign you will also find the following symbols with the following meaning:

Pb: Battery contains lead
Cd: Battery contains cadmium
Hg: Battery contains mercury

We and our partners ensure that the requirements and regulations of the BatterieG are met by registering and reporting to the Foundation Joint Take-Back System Batteries - GRS, (customer number: 1234567).


Note on the packaging ordinance


With regard to the sales packaging that we filled with goods for the first time and handed over to private end consumers, our company has joined the nationwide return system Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG (customer number: 1234567) to ensure that we meet our legal obligations according to § 6 VerpackV.

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